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As well as sheet music, we also offer a comprehensive range of instruments. Although we are unable to provide an online ordering facility for instruments at the moment, we would be happy to answer any questions, or take orders by email or by telephone.

Instruments that we stock include:

Banjos: Brass: Guitars: (all come with bag included in price)
Keyboard: (stands and stools also available) (£99 - £846)
Mandolins: (£99 - £299)
Percussion: Tuned Percussion: Ukuleles: (£29.95 - £299)
Violins: (£85 - £285) Woodwind:
Other: All larger instruments come with at least a 12 month guarantee.

We also have a large range of instrumental accessories, ranging from drumsticks and guitar tuners to clarinet reeds and valve oil.